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When it rains in Wellington, it REALLY rains …

On June 27th 2010 the Wellington Harbour Marathon was held in … yes, Wellington, New Zealand. 🙂

First up, the weather! The wind was an icy 40kph from the south (straight off Antarctica), the temperature was around 5 degrees and the rain was constant from start to finish. I was part of a team of photographers assigned with the difficult task of photographing each of the 6000 competitors at least once each.

The job was contracted to, a company who shoots sporting events so that the competitors can purchase photos of themselves after the event is over. It’s a great idea!

Unfortunately the weather really stopped the event from being as fun as it could be but we got there in the end and some great shots were taken. If you want to see the photos or if you were there on the day, please check out 🙂