Pay it forward …

For a few years now I’ve been dabbling in a bit of 3D design here and there. Purely as a hobby though and I’d never even dream of calling myself any good at it.

Anyway, I used to learn from a bunch of talented dudes over, a site that unfortunately no longer exists (internal problems? I don’t know.) One of the members there was a Romanian guy by the name of Flavius, a very talented 3D designer with a pretty scary level of skill for someone his age, around 20 as I write this I think … no he’s not a Romanian scammer!

He’s in the unfortunate position where web hosting and all the bits that go with it are pretty hard to come by so I decided to do as the title of this post says – pay it forward. To do this I offered to pay for web hosting and domain registration for a website to be created, a site where Flavius could showcase his work, demonstrate his skills and get the word out there so that people know there are talented designers everywhere.

The site’s now live and, while it’s yet to have much content (it’s been live around an hour now but will undergoing plenty of changes over the next little while), is coming along nicely with a decent gallery to get started, backed up by a beautiful WordPress theme by Nick Roach over at Elegant Themes. Go there if you want themes – it’s the site I choose to use for all my WordPress themes.

Flavius’ new site can be found at and will have more content added as time goes on. Please feel free to let me know if you find any problems there as I’ll be doing the back-end maintenance of the site even though Flavius will be maintaining the actual content.

Cool. 🙂