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iTunes Media Management Made Easy

I use iTunes to manage all my media now.  Since I don’t use Windows anywhere at home I made the decision to add everything to iTunes, including music, movies and TV shows.  One of the problems I ran into, though, was after ripping one of my TV show collections from DVD I found that I’d messed something up and ended up with a ton of episodes with the right show name but the wrong episode numbers.  Painful!

I did some searching and came up with Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes, a collection of AppleScripts that includes a ton written specifically for managing iTunes.

Doug has written one called Set Video Kind Of Selected, currently version 3.2 as of February 5th 2011.  It allows you to make a selection and set the starting episode number (amongst other things) so that all the selected media is sequentially numbered from the number you entered.  This is such a simple idea and yet SO useful – it totally solved my media management problem in this case.

When you run it, you’re presented with a small dialog box that allows you to set video kind, show name, season number and episode number start for the selected tracks.  Your changes, once made, are applied when you click the "Done" button.

iTunes Script - Set Video Kind of Selected
Set Video Kind of Selected

Unfortunately for those readers using Windows, this one ain’t for you – AppleScript only works on OS X.  Sorry.

All my TV show issues are now solved and the episodes numbered correctly.  Cool.  🙂