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ExpressionEngine Plugin – Entry Age

Today I threw together a quick plugin as I couldn’t find an easy way of doing what I wanted without putting JavaScript in my templates.  The plugin, called ‘Entry Age’, allows you to specify a message that can be displayed if the entry being viewed is older than a certain age.

Why a plugin?

I’m assuming that someone else out there will find this useful.  I’m sure plugins like this exist already but, if they do, I can’t find them.

For an example of what the plugin looks like when it finds an outdated entry, please see this article: Move ExpressionEngine to a different server (and yes, the content there is actually outdated).

Can I get it?

Of course you can.  If you want to download Entry Age and try it out, you can head over to my GitHub page any time. 🙂 Entry Age 1.0 on GitHub.

Hope it helps someone.