A couple of deviantART submissions

Over the last couple of days I’ve been hacking about with theming in OS X.  It’s something I’ve always quite liked since back in the day when WindowBlinds used to be the way forward on Windows.

The first theme setup I tried incorporated the Gill Sans Text Dock Icons available from deviantART.  Because the icon collection didn’t have icons for some of the apps I use, I made my own and submitted them for others people to use.  The first collection extension is available on deviantART by going to Gill Sans Text – More Icons.  I’ve also made an icon for Traktor Scratch Pro after another user requested it – it can be downloaded from Traktor Scratch Pro for Gill Sans Text on deviantART.

New theme?

I then tried the Float Dock Icons that I found on a MacThemes forum – they’re awesome!  That didn’t have icons for some of the most popular apps, either, so I made some for the best-known Adobe apps.  The icons can be downloaded from Round shiny Adobe dock icons on deviantART.  Cool.  🙂

What did I come up with?

After playing about with a ton of different combinations I came up with one that I quite like.  It’s simple (in my opinion) yet functional without being overly garish – check it out.

Modified OS X desktop
Modified OS X desktop


Why did I do this?  There’s really no good reason other than being a bit of a geek and needing an excuse to dive back in the graphics software that I’ve been missing lately.  I’m no designer (obvious, huh) but doing this stuff is pretty relaxing.  🙂


I’m in the process of writing up how I made those changes now so if you’re interested in doing this yourself, stay tuned.