Fixing QuickSave extension for EE2

I recently upgraded my ExpressionEngine installation from version 2.1.1 to version 2.1.3 build 20101220.  The installation worked fine but I found that the excellent extension from VayaCode, QuickSave, didn’t put the preview or close buttons below the entry’s fields.

Luckily the fix was pretty simple – all I had to do was re-add the appropriate code to the /system/expressionengine/config/hooks.php file.  Here’s the code:

Fixing the QuickSave EE2 extension:

$hook['post_controller_constructor'][] = array(
   'class'    => 'Quicksave_ext',
   'function' => 'cp_tweaks',
   'filename' => 'ext.quicksave.php',
   'filepath' => 'third_party/quicksave'

After making this small change your QuickSave extension’s Save, Save and Preview & Save and Close buttons will be back where they’re supposed to be.