Geocaching is about to get mean … lol

If you’ve been involved with Geocaching before, you’ll know that sometimes the hides are just plain mean.  Some of them are so tiny that you need a tool of some sort to extract the "container" and some are in places that require you need to look like some sort of sifty stalker in order to make the retrieval.  Anyway, I don’t see why everyone else should have all the fun so when I get over this back injury problem I’ve got (which has me laid up on the couch 8 hours a day) I’m going to hide one of these …

Letters & numbers only, please!
Letters & numbers only, please!

The description on the site I got this one from includes the words “expect a few DNFs” and I reckon they’re probably right.  Should be fun, though.

I also found this container on the same site.  It’s a genuine decontamination kit container leftover from army surplus supplies.  It even has the original sticker on the outside that says what the kit contains and how to use it … kinda creepy if you think about the implications.  The container is awesome so I’m really hoping it doesn’t get stolen …

Decontamination kit
Genuine decontamination kit container