The craziness of Geocaching

Back in 2009 my friends Toni and Phil (now Mr and Mrs Cox!) introduced me to Geocaching.  I took to it with a vengeance back then when I was living in Melbourne and continued after moving back to NZ for a while.  I took an unintentional break from it for a few months and didn’t do a whole lot in 2010 but decided to get back into it again since I’m now back in Melbourne.

Nano caches … you suck!

Without trying to make this post into a Geocaching introduction I’ll just say that sometimes the caches are so small and clever that I’m left either grinning stupidly or silently cursing the cache owner under my breath.  🙂  Check these out … obviously it’d be silly to say which geocaches these are otherwise I’d be spoiling it for someone else.  

Bolt geocache container
Bolt geocache container
Another bolt geocache container
Another bolt …

… crazy!